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Sudden Blindness - Moments Of Pure, Unabided Clarity C35 NR-009:

Sudden Blindness is back again for its second album whether you like it or not. Laying down beautiful and sometimes sharp soundscapes that calm and transcend the listener. The chords bounce around your head cavity and process into pure emotion. Lay down and remember what you hold dear. Ultra limited to 10 copies on handpainted black cassettes, black and white artwork on colored cardstock, and a passage from a tired comedown from coke found in the middle of Nevada (origin of passage may or may not be 100% true).
Justin Marc Lloyd - Higher Self Liquid C20 NR-006

Justin Marc Lloyd can really pump out the most strung out, colorful noise on tape. This tape sounds lonely and dark. Like sleep paralysis in an unfinished basement. Swarms of high pitched insects pour from the walls. Everything just sounds like the reverb soaked last minutes of a trip through some new colorful hell.

Lidless Eye - Hideous Misfortune C40 NR-005:

 Knox Mitchell's synthesizer fun never gets old. On this tape Knox throws down some crazy synth ooze that breaks you down and rebuilds you in a better image. Deep synth stab loops and something of a beat. Legend says that his car was stolen during the taping of this due to his pure dedication to this tape. One of my favorite Lidless Eye tapes to date. Full color cardstock J-cards, printed labels. Limited to 25. Recorded Halloween 2012.


FASX - Smile! CDr NR-004

FASX is an ultra hip solo Harsh Noise act by Wade Clanton. This CD was a recording done in one condensed block of time, where anguish and hopelessness were thick. Rhythms from layer upon layer of destroyed synthesizer fall down and crash and become anew. Each layer melts and conforms into pure sound feeding directly into a condenser mic. Feedback loops and a crazy cool multi-pedal. Dirty. Lo-Fi. Trash. Handstamped silver CDrs in slim jewel cases. Comes in regular color or a stylish green tint. Limited to 13. 

Pirate King - Paul C31 NR-003

Pirate King is a super special noise project by Bobby Sharits (main feedback man of Mori) that in this release is only composed of manipulated feedback. Side A starts off with an ear-shatteringly high pitched slow, and uncomfortably comfortable, drone type piece. Side A finishes off with a really meaty and nice drone piece that calms you. Side B promptly destroys all comfort you found in Side A with a super harsh noise jam, that is seriously rad. Dedicated to experimental film artist Paul Sharits. 

Sudden Blindness - Alive, Oh So Alive CDr NR-002:

4 longform drone/ambient pieces all improv, no substitutions or additions after recording was done. The songs capture moments of extreme emotion lashing out in slow motion. 46 Mins of dark drones, crazy amounts of reverb, and a delay pedal with the feedback knob turned all the way up. Hand stamped silver CDr's with printed cardstock inserts. Limited to 33.


Mori-Good Job! C62 NR-001

Debut release from Colorado's newest noise trio. Falling through holes in the earth and transcending realities to find only hell. Feedback loops, samplers, analog synths, and improvised jams. This tape is 100% improvised, 100% live, 100% lo-fi. That's 300%! Released on hand labeled, gold cassettes and handmade cardstock O-Cards. Edition of 24.

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