12/3/13 Dementia and Hope Trails/Boar/Bob Bellerue - The Three Pound Enigma (Guide Me Little Tape)

11/25/13 Jared Funk - 4/10 (Cassette Love)

10/26/13 Mobdividual - Sonic Versions For A Screen Test (Half-Gifts)

10/5/13 Cthulhu Detonator - Frequency of The Multivibrator (Cassette Gods)

7/24/13: Abstinentiadivinorum - Hopelessness/Benzedrine (Cassette Love)

5/10/13: Pirate King - Paul: (Cassette Love)

1/20/13: Lidless Eye - Hideous Misfortune: (Tabs Out Podcast)

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  1. hello and good morning from Barcelona. just to say that if you want to send us bandcamps, promos, comprimed links, etc... of new stuff or sold out stuff, we will be happy to write a review of course.
    weel, keep in contact.
    see you later!